Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The broken arm.

It really is my fault.  I needed to take a quick shower so I could take Ayva into see the doctor and not embarrass myself.  I asked Lilly and Ayva to keep an eye on Enzo while I did so. (this is why it is my fault)  As I was getting out I heard Enzo crying.  I ran into the girls bedroom to see him on all fours on the floor by their bunk beds.  I quickly scooped him up and asked what had happened.  Apparently he was climbing the bunk bed ladder, something he did often, when Lilly grabbed him by the leg and pulled him off so "he wouldn't fall off and get hurt".  As he was crying he was gasping for air so when I finally got him calmed down and checked him out I figured he had just gotten the wind knocked out of him when he hit the floor.  I couldn't spend too much time worrying about the fall because I had to get Ayva to the doctor.  (she had strep)  During her appointment I told my pediatrician what had happened to Enzo earlier and asked if he would give him the once over to make sure he was fine.  I did this because Enzo was being very clingy and quiet since the accident.  He just wanted me to hold him and sat quietly in my lap for the entire trip to the doctors office.  Strange?  Yes!!! Doctor looked him over and said that he seemed to be ok but told me to contact him if he didn't perk up.  I went on with the rest of  my day.  Later that evening I returned home from some errands and was told by my very observant husband that Enzo wasn't using his left arm.  He was doing everything with his right and would cry every time he would have to use the left.  My observant husband suggested that Enzo's arm could be broken and put it in a nice splint for the evening.  The next morning he took him into the Urgent Care and got the news that it was broken.  Enzo spent 4 weeks in a cast.  The first cast they put on he took off himself after just one week so we had to get it recasted.  It didn't slow him down a bit.  And my punishment for trusting a 4 year old to be in charge was receiving multiple bumps and bruises to my head, neck and shoulders from my baby boys brick arm.  Oh, and being asked by way too many people "poor boy, what did he do to his arm?". 


Group shot.

Scary vampire.

Rock star.

Cowardly (not really) lion.

Beautiful princess.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Airshow 2012

We were so excited to go to the airshow this Saturday.  We had some things to take care of in the morning but around noon we packed up the car and headed north to Hill Air Force Base.  The weather was windy and rainy and by the time we made it to the base the airshow had been postponed due to the weather.  Peter was very disappointed because the kids and I weren't going to walk around the exhibits in the pouring rain.  So we compromised and went over to the Aerospace Museum.  It was nice looking at all the planes but not as cool as watching them fly around doing tricks.  While in the museum we could hear jets flying overhead.  The show had resumed so we loaded up the car and headed back over to the base.  We got in just in time to find a spot and watch the Thunderbirds.
The Valiant

The Warhawk

Waiting for the Thunderbirds
Enzo was even loving it

The amazing Thunderbirds

Taxiing back to the parking pad

The coolest part of the show was watching the planes return from their flight.  The same precision that they fly with, they show during the shut down and securing of the aircraft on the tarmac. The ground crews guide each aircraft to the parking pads and it is perfectly timed from putting chalks on the tires to attaching a ladder to the aircraft to saluting the pilots as they exit. It was pretty smooth. 
The whole experience was so patriotic and amazing.  I hope it inspired one of my kids to want to grow up and fly for the Thunderbirds so I can get better seats at the show,

12 years and still happy!

I am so smitten with this guy.  I don't know how I got so lucky but I'm just grateful he's mine.  We celebrated our 12th anniversary by taking an overnight trip to Sundance.